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Monday, May 31, 2010

postheadericon Black Striped Blue Studded Dress From

I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it. It just looked so different from the "normal" stuff in my closet. Plus it was a great excuse to shop!

Here is a picture of the dress from

I got the dress during the 50% off clearance sale so it was only $17.99 (plus an additional 5% off for diva status and 10% off coupon code...yay for codes!)

I am soooooo sorry I could not get a better shot of the dress on me. My digital cam needs to have all of its contents deleted ;-D before I can take any more pics with it. These shots were taken with my celly.

I also wore this necklace (Torrid....It has a star with a circle below/above it on one side and a cicle on the other side in rhinestones for a lil' bling!)

And these rings:

With these shoes from Old Navy (I got them a few months ago):

I didn't wear any earrings like usual....but that gives me a reason to shop


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