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Saturday, June 5, 2010

postheadericon Torrid Haul

From previous post I ordered from Torrid but this completes the haul. I ordered:

I ordered this Black Knit Tube Jumper in a size 2. I got it during 50% off clearance sale so she was $19.99 with 15% (10% coupon code and 5% diva) off she came to $17.09.

I also ordered the Rasberry Lace-Front Cropped Cardigan:

I got that for $7.98 with 15% (10% coupon code 5% diva) off it was $6.82.
I purchased both of these items during the 50% off clearance over memorial day weekend. Plus I received 10% off with a coupon code and 5% off for diva status. Both of these items are a size 2. I will definately have to post pics with how I wear both of the items. Not sure if I will wear them together but I will def take a picture. With shipping of $7.95 and tax of $2.47 my order came to $34.33.

So with that said.... There are no other orders, except for the hair orders, that are to be exepected....For


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