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Sunday, July 25, 2010

postheadericon Small Haul from Lane Bryant/Fashion Bug...

Well....I was sent a coupon for $20 off $40 purchase from LB. I just couldn't resist!!! didn't get but 2 things from LB and one from FB. I mainly only wanted some leggings but I had to have the $40 min from LB. I then decided to check out FB and I'm glad I did because they had some great clearance....

Here is what I got from LB:

Knit Buckle Leggings
Size: 14/16
Originally : $34.50
Before Tax Paid: $20.41
After: $22.00

I did size down in the leggings. I am normally a 18/20 in pants but because of the stretch I decided to go down a size which is always nice. *giggles* The buckles have three holes that you can either tighten or let out depending on your ankle thickness. Mine works well on the second hole.
Faux Pearl Bow Headband
Originally: $14.50
Before Tax: $8.59
After: $9.25

I really didn't want the headband as I felt I could purchase one similar for cheaper elsewhere but again I had to meet the $40 min and this was the cheapest thing I could find.

Here is what I got from FB:

Peep Toe Wedge
Color: Silverstreak
Size 10.5M
Originally: $24.99
Sale: $4.98
Before Tax: $3.49
After: $3.76

I ordered the shoes in a size 10.5M as they no longer had a wide. Although I'm normally a 10 I do wish I had just sized up to an 11 as the portion that rest over the foot cuts into my skin. I do think that with more wear it will stretch but until then it kinda hurts! I would send them back but considering the price I paid I just don't think it's worth it as I have worn them around the house and each time they feel better.... =]

I received free shipping because I let the items come to my local LB store. I have to say the shipping was the same as if it had come to my door! I ordered the items on a Saturday night....They were shipped by Monday and received at the store by Wednesday. Whoo hoo LB for the fast shipping!!! My total price was $35.01....Great price for shopping at LB!!!!

I really love LB and I wish I could shop there more often because I think the quality is awesome but I honestly think they charge toooo much for the items. Two pairs of pants and Im over $100. That's just not cool. That must be the reason they had to close stores and such. The coupons allow me to shop there so keep up that LB!


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