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Thursday, November 18, 2010

postheadericon Wet Seal Mini Haul

It seems as if I get EVERYTHING before forever21 packages come. I ordered from Wet Seal last week and today my package is here. I ordered from F21 two weeks ago and I'm still waiting. Its a BIG turn off from shopping with them but the only way I can get the plus size line is to order off line. Grrrrrrr!....


I bought 3 things from Wet Seal and it only cost me $7! Well plus shipping and tax I paid a whopping $12.93. I love that kind of shopping! Here is what I bought...

Stud Rope Belt Top
Originally: $24.50
Sale: $2.00

I bought the top in both the purple color shown above and in black. The back of the shirt has a small keyhole cut out. The shoulder portion has shoulder pads. When I first took the top out I was like..."Shoulder pads...What is this!?" But once I put it on you can't even tell it has them! I ordered the shirt in a 2X because I wanted it to fit a certain way (fitted) but I kind of wish I would have just ordered the 3X because Im scared the shirt might shrink. It fits nicely as of today!

Chain Knot Dress
Originally: $29.50
Sale: $3.00

I ordered the dress in a 3X because I know the sizing is junior plus. The 3X fits great! I still have room just in case it shrinks. The shoulder portion a chain type material that really gives the dress something extra. It is long enough that I could wear it as a mini dress (hits mid-thigh...maybe slighter longer). I plan on wearing the dress as a tunic with the navy tights I ordered from F21 if they EVER come. I hope they do as I am going out of town tomorrow for my T-Day (birthday) and I wont be home if it comes too late.

I ordered the tights before I ordered the dress but got the dress first. WOW. As you can tell I am a little upset over this. Its coming down to the wire and I hope I get my package in time.

I will attempt to show all of my bday outfits using the clothes I recently purchased as well as makeup looks. We will see how that works out...Stay tuned.


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