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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

postheadericon Stila Makeup Player

I just couldn't resist the Stila Hautelook. I went back and purchased:

Original Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $24.99
50% off

About this item

Learn to do your makeup like a Pro! The Makeup Player provides the must-have tools to execute how to tutorials.Part makeup artist-style train case, part media player with speaker system. This portable vanity is the vehicle that delivers the technology, transforming Stila Girls into Stila Pro Artists.

- Download and watch free beauty lessons or listen to your music while you do your makeup

- Connects to any mp3 player or smart phone

- Zipper closure

- Top handle

- 2 pull out trays

- Takes 4 AA batteries(included)

- Approx. 9"H x 9"W x 5"D

- Imported
I've needed a new train case and I think this one is perfect. Although it has been out for a while I am just now hearing about it...Well where have I been? though.
I decided to go ahead and purchase it. One con I can see already is that the pull out trays don't come out too far but I plan to use this case for travel so it won't be something I will complain about. As some reviews have also stated, the place where you put the batteries is inside of the train case so you will have to remove your makeup to get to it. That's a bummer but really how often would you have to change batteries? Aside from that I can see no other cons. I can't wait to get it!
The best pro is that is plays music! Well you can hook it up to your smartphone or any other music player to hear it through the built in speakers on the train case! LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

Mine didn't come with batteries (from hautelook). Did yours?

CHarmonee said...


I just got mine less than 30 min ago. Mine did not come with batteries either. I know you can buy them anywhere but it was suppose to come with them! I called HauteLook and they gave me a 20% credit (which granted isn't much but I can use that $5 refund to purchase batteries!) You should do the same!

Anonymous said...

Ugh....mine doesn't even seem to work! I tried using rechargables, they are freshly charged :(

CHarmonee said...

This may be a dumb question but I just want to make sure:

Did you switch the button on the side to on? And you made sure your phone was playing the music? I mean like could you hear it from your phone after you unplugged it?

I ask because it didn't come with any directions and the simple things we can overlook sometimes. I forgot to turn switch the button on but could hear my phone

If it doesn't still work I would try non-rechargable batteries, if you have any, or contact HauteLook to see if you can get a replacement.

I do hope it starts working for you...Let me know what happens!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Yeah I was flipping the switch but nothing. I was using my older gen. ipod. I can't hear it playing unless it's hooked up to speakers or headphones. I could *see* that it was playing though.

I will try regular batteries. If it still doesn't work I'll shoot them an email.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I took so long....I bought duracels and now it works! I haven't contacted them about the missing batteries yet though

CHarmonee said...

Yay!!!...At least you got it to work.

Anonymous said...

They said they would refund the shipping charge :)

CHarmonee said...

I'm glad they took care of it for you!

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