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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

postheadericon UNII Palette


Product Features

Color: Pomegranate (Pink/Red)

Magnetized Palette, so makeup stays put

Adhesive magnetic sheet with writable labels

Large, full-sized mirror for the makeup on the go

Movable thumb grip

Tight, rubberized seal prevents leaks

The palette comes in a few colors: snow (white), twilight (blue), eggplant (dk purple), pomegranate (pink but looks a tad red), lemonegrass (yellow), and coal (black).
I was a bit hesitant to order as the palette looks a tad small. I was interested in the unii palette, the z-palette, and the MAC palette.
The MAC palette, according to the many YouTube videos I watched, the palette seems to be sort of flimsy when it comes to protecting your makeup during travel. I did like the price though.
The Z-palette is made of cardboard and is about the same size as the MAC palette. While I haven't had a problem with any Urban Decay cardboard palette, I wasn't sure how well the cardboard would hold up for constant travel.
The UNII Palette is the smallest out of all three palettes. That was a big reason why I muddled over the decision for so long. One good thing is that it comes with its own magnetic strips so I wont have to purchase any separately. It's made of plastic and seems to be quite sturdy.
I also looked at other palettes like the one from coastal scents but theirs don't magnetize with MAC shadows well. Since I have mostly MAC shadows that was a big thing for me but due to price I might pick up one from coastal scents later.
I decided on the UNII palette because of what it is made up of and the ease of being able to travel with it. I might purchase the Z-palette depending on how well I like the unii one. If I fall in love with it I will purchase another! I purchased the unii palette through only because I received gift cards from completing a survey. From amazon you had to pay $1 for shipping bringing the total for the palette to $30. Considering I didn't have to actually pay for the palette, I'm happy. Hopefully I love it!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful color palette!

CHarmonee said...

They have a few other colors but that one is my fav.

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