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Saturday, April 23, 2011

postheadericon Shoe Dazzle Liiving Social Deal!!!!

Now you can get a living social deal to shoe dazzle!

Living Social is a website that has a new daily deal each day. You can get amazing discount prices to some FABULOUS places!

Shoe Dazzle is a site owned by Kim Kardashian. You can get shoes, handbags, and jewelry for $39.95 each!

When you put the two together....magic happens! You can now purchase a LS credit to use on shoedazzle for $19 (you can get it down to $14 if this is your first purchase). This credit can be used to purchase any one item from Shoe Dazzle.

Win-Win if you ask me so what are you waiting for? Go click a link!

NOTE: Clicking on the words "living social" will take you to the living social deal. Clicking on the words "ShoeDazzle" will take you to shoe dazzle website.


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