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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

postheadericon How To Get Long Eyelashes

I recently made a post about eyelash extensions. Well I finally took the plunge and got them!

The whole process took about 30 minutes. It was fairly uncomfortable. Mainly because I had to keep my eyes open during the extension process. To top that off the glue made my eyes water.

The first week was a little hard. I kept feeling like there was something in my eye. More so one eye over the other. Plus the lashes felt heavy. You are not suppose to drench your lashed in water so washing my face was a little difficult for the first two days. I finally broke down on the third day and tool a wash cloth to them. After that the feeling of something in my eye went completely away!

This is my second week with the extensions and they still look full. I also don't feel them at all. I might go and get them redone before Christmas so that they are as full as they were when I first got them.

Overall I would recommend them. I got mid length and they look natural on me. They really don't require much maintenance. Just don't saturate them in water and avoid mascara as both have the tendency to cause the lashes to fall out.

The First two are before pictures and the second two are the after. I think I have fairly long lashes but they stick straight out so they are harder to see unless you are very close to me.


Tobi said...

Yeah, the lashes look natural on you. They make your eyes dazzle even more. What I love about long lashes is that they can make your face look brighter with very minimal effort. =)

-Tobi Fistcher

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