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Monday, November 19, 2012

postheadericon Mini Old Navy Haul

So right now is having a 30% off most things sale. I decided to get just a couple of things since I've been doing a little too much shopping for me and not enough Christmas shopping. I honestly can't help it since my birthday is two days away and the day before thanksgiving!

Anyways...since I am blogging from my tablet and not my computer, the pictures will post at the end.

I purchased this shirt: Women's mixed stripe dolman sleeve top in navy/white. It is on clearance for $7.97 but with 30% off I got it for $5.58.

I also purchased some jeans. They are called: Women's straight leg real deal jeans. These jeans are originally $19 but are selling for $10. I almost purchased more than one pair but I forgot how ON jeans fit so I decided to just get one pair. I figure if the sale is still on when I get my jeans, I can order more or even if it isn't they are still a great price! They come in three different cuts...diva, flirt, sweetheart. The diva jeans are the slimmest fit but tend to be very low rise. I cannot wear flirt jeans because they hit me at the biggest part of my waist making them impossible to zip. I opted for the sweethearts that sit at the waist. I guess due to the special pricing the 30% could not be taken off the jeans.

Before tax my subtotal was $15.86. With tax of $1.52 and shipping of $7.... which deters me from ordering for old navy! total spent was $24.10. Not bad for what can be considered an outfit!


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