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Thursday, June 20, 2013

postheadericon Old Navy!!!!

Is it just me or is old navy downsizing on the amount of bigger sizes it carries in store. I went into my local store and could not find anything above a 16 and even those were far and few in between!

I checked online and managed to see an ample amount of clothing but I hate paying shipping for only a couple of items. Especially when I think if they would only carry it in stores then I wouldn't have to worry about shipping cost. I'm just not a fan of free shipping at a certain amount when no stores near me carry a size 18 or 20 at all! And that includes stores up to 2 hours away! That's ridiculous!

Although a lot has changed at old navy (most for the worse in my opinion) I did purchase two pairs of shorts (online in a size 30 from the straight sizes) during their 50% off shorts sale. I wish I could've purchased more but being since I have not ordered or purchased in so long, I'm not sure of my size.

I decided on a couple of twill shorts both of which have wonderful prints!

To make this deal even better, I used two giftcards I had which took off $25. I also had a discount code that took off 15%. With the expensive shipping of $7 and tax of $1.91, I only spent $5.18 out of pocket.

Despite this great deal, if I had been able to find my size in store, I would've saved even more!


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