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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

postheadericon Posting

I doubt I'm the only person this is happening to but I am having the most difficult time posting comments. I can't even reply back to those who leave comments on my post! It's getting to be a BIG hassle. I recently discovered that it works sometimes when I post my phone but hardly ever when I want to post from my PC.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

postheadericon TheBalm Muppet Palette

I NEED this palette in my life!

TheBalm proudly introduces Cast Your Shadow, a face palette which takes its cues from our favorite cast of characters…The Muppets! This deluxe palette includes sixteen shadows, two creamy lip and cheek colors, and one lipstick, perfect for dramatic starlets and backstage beauties! Bring the drama with these colorful shades, or create soft, polished looks best suited for your daily director role.

The numbered, limited edition Cast Your Shadow Palette, featuring the Muppets, is a self contained makeup case. With a full face mirror included, you are ready for anything! Lips, cheeks, eyes– lights, camera, action! It includes 16 beautifully pigmented eye shadows that can be used for any occasion, 3 multipurpose creamy cheek and lip colors, and a dual-ended application brush. Limited edition — only 1,000 available.

availability: Late September/Early October 2011 @ theBalm, $44.50

Check out for swatches! Christine is the absolute best at what she does!

TheBalm will also release the same palette but with different packaging. I actually like that one too (The Balm and the Beautiful) but I'd rather have the Muppet one. It looks more fun. LOL. I do plan on searching my local Marshalls or TJ Maxx for the B&B palette and try to score the limited edition Muppet palette on the next pre order release.
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postheadericon MAC Haul

This past week MAC allowed PRO members to get free second day shipping. I decided that was a good time to place an order for some makeup for myself. Take a looksee!

I actually placed two orders. In one order I purchased two eyeshadow pan refills.

Deep Truth
True dark blue (Frost) 

Fig. 1
Eggplant purple (Matte²) 

I thought the colors were so pretty and appropriate for the fall season or any season really. I paid $6.90 each plus tax of $0.94 brought my total to $14.74 for the two shadows.

As for my other order, I purchased a few more items....

Heaven & Earth
Frost deep teal/Satin black 

I really wanted a black. As if I need any more black eyeshadows...but I thought getting a duo would be a great way to try two colors for the price of one. With my discount I paid $12 for the duo.

Pro Longwear Concealer

I already have the concealer in NC45 and NW45 but neither color is perfect alone. The NC45 is slightly white on my skin while the NW45 is too red. I thought maybe the NC50 would be a great choice for me. BTW, I use this concealer as foundation which is why I wanted a perfect match! With my discount I paid $10.20 for the concealer.

Naked Dark
Medium beige with pearl 

Naked Deep Dark
Dark beige with pearl 

I ADORE these two pigments! I love using naked dark as a highlight. It is just perfect for my skin tone. I hate using white as it looks ashy and a tad drag queenish on me. I think these two pigments are pro only so you might not be able to find them unless you call the pro number or visit a pro store. If you are wanting to purchase them, they can be found under "Multi-Use"....Those little wonders were hiding something fiercely on the site! I purchased the pigments at $12 a piece. My only regret is waiting so long to purchase them. I had them in my cart when they were $19 and with the old bigger jar but I would remove them each time I made a new purchase. Silly me!

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

This foundation is suppose to give full coverage. I wanted to use it with the concealer to see if it indeed does give me the coverage I'm looking for. I am going for full coverage without feeling full coverage! I hate that "I know I'm wearing makeup because I feel it on my skin" type of coverage. I want that "Did I put on makeup because my skin looks flawless but I can't feel it" type of coverage. For this foundation I paid $15.90.

As I stated I got free two day shipping so YAY!!!!.... For my last order my subtotal was $62.10 after my discount. With tax of $4.19, my total was $66.29. So with both purchase I spent $81.03! Great deal for some MAC products!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

postheadericon Teal Dreams

Here's another makeup look by yours truly!

For this look, I used a mixture of pigments and pan eyeshadow. On the inside corner I used naked dark and melon MAC pigments. The teal color is MAC surf baby. The litter v is MAC pigments in black black. To blend the colors together, I used a matter brown color in the ELF 32 color palette. For my highlight I used naked dark.

I have on MAC hibiscus cheek powder on my cheeks and hibiscus lipstick on my lips. Over that is lipgloss in strange potions. I blotted that off and put on a hot pink lipstick from elf. I blotted again and what you see is what I got.

Hope you like!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

postheadericon Purple Haze

I just wanted to share a makeup look with you all! I am a sucker for pigments so I created a look using only MAC pigments.

I used Melon on the lid. Grape was used in the crease along with a tiny bit of black black. For a highlight I used naked dark and also in the tear duct.

For my eyeliner I used E.L.F.'s waterproof eyeliner in plum. On my lips is MACs Bust Out! from the summer collection. On my cheeks I used MAC's Hibiscus cheek powder.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

postheadericon Shedding The Pounds!!

I've decided to get healthy. For the longest I've wanted to lose a couple of pounds but every time I started....well it just never lasted long. This time I am more determined than ever. Due to health reasons, weight loss is said to improve my condition.....

I've downloaded the My Fitness Pal on my android and so far I love it! It allows me to input my info and calculates what I would weigh if I kept it up at the end of 5 weeks....

For example: If I eat 1000 calories and workout and burn 200 calories, it will give me my estimated weight in 5 weeks provided I do the same thing daily.

I also love the app because I am able to keep track of my calorie intake as well as my work out regimen. Best of all the app is FREE. In addition to that you can also sign up directly on the website ( if you don't have an app or don't want to download it. It auto syncs so you wont have to worry if you lose your phone.

I've only been at the weight loss thing for 3 weeks but so far I've lost 8lbs.I downloaded the tracker after I had lost 6 of those pounds so the tracker is a little off but that doesn't matter.

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

Although I still have a long way to go, I'm glad that I've found something that looks like it will definitely help me along the way!
Monday, August 22, 2011

postheadericon Sigma Synthetic Brush Kit

Today I just purchased some Sigma Brushes!!!

The Synthetic Face Kit contains three face brushes for high definition, flawless makeup application. The brushes in this collection feature exclusive Synthetic filament, specially designed to apply powder and liquid products without absorption into the fibers. The shape, density and height of the filaments were carefully engineered to perfectly buff products onto the skin, resulting in a high definition effect.

F82 - Round Top Kabuki
The F82 Round Top Kabuki brush simplifies precise makeup application under the eyes and around the nose. This brush is also perfect for achieving flawless coverage using liquid and powder products. Features synthetic Sigmax HD fibers.
          F84 - Angled Top Kabuki
The F84 Angled Top Kabuki brush is the perfect brush for precise, yet blended application of products on the cheeks. It seamlessly applies cream, powder and liquid products. Features synthetic Sigmax HD fibers.
          F80 - Flat Top Kabuki
The F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush is perfect for applying and blending liquid, cream, and powder products onto the skin. The flat surface allows perfect buffing with flawless results. Features synthetic Sigmax HD fibers.
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

postheadericon Urban Decay Sale

Urban Decay is having an amazing sale! I was able to stock up on some pigments as well as a few other things.

Pigments for $1?!? Can you believe it!? I would've gotten some nail polish but the one I wanted was OOS. My subtotal was $17! With shipping of $6.00 and tax of $1.55, I spent $24.55. Technically I didn't pay a thing because I used the ebates check I got through paypal. Had I purchased all of these items at regular price....Well...I don't even want to think about how much I would've had to spend.

Are you getting anything from the sale and if so, what?
Sunday, August 14, 2011

postheadericon Back 2 Mac

Recently I've gone through my makeup stash and realized that I haven't turned in some of my empty MAC containers. I was thinking of sending them back through the mail since some stores are iffy on accepting depotted eyeshadow containers. If anyone has used the Back 2 MAC program, what was your experience?

I will more than likely pick out a lipstick. Any recommendations? I'm leaning towards the color "Lady Danger". Beautiful color that will be great for the fall.
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

postheadericon DSW, It's where I got my shoes...

Over the weekends I placed a couple of orders, one of which was with DSW.

For those of you who don't know DSW is always having frenzies and SHULUV on their Facebook page. Frenzies are when you ask asked to do something like post a pic of a shoe to get a surprise in the mail. The surprises are usually $5 gift cards that can be used online and in store.

I used two gift cards and $5 off code to purchase two gorgeous pairs of shoes!

SM Luxe Giana Pump

Go classic tonight in the Giana from Steve Madden Luxe. This platform Pump comes in colors you will love, and has a cool keyhole at the toe.

Smooth synthetic upper
Round toe with keyhole opening
1¼" stacked platform
4¼" stacked heel
Synthetic sole Imported

The Giana shoe was originally $79.95. I do hope its worth it. I was iffy about the keyhole design but decided to give it a try anyway.

White Mountains Grandstand Boot

Slip in to the Grandstand from White Mountain and instantly add style to your wardrobe! The rouching and buckle detail is simple yet sophisticated!

Rouched synthetic upper
Tricot lining
Adjustable buckles
9½” shaft height, pull on
14” calf circumference
Lightly padded insole
3¼” heel
Synthetic sole

I have been eyeing this boot since last year. This time around the boots were on clearance for $29.94. I ordered the boot in grey since I have some black and brown boots. I'm still considering ordering the black version if the grey ones are everything I hope them to be.

Ok so my total before discounts was $109.89. My discounts took off $25 total. Because it was tax free weekend I'm NC, no taxes were added. In addition to that I got free shipping. Out of pocket I ended up paying $84.89. That's pretty good. It's like only paying $5 for the boots and full price for the pumps!

And by the way, as always I used snares to get cash bask on my order.

Also this order made me a premier member with DSW! Yay!!!!!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

postheadericon It's JustFab!

Recently I made a purchase with JustFab. For those that don't know JustFab is a shoe club where everything is $39.95. For more info click HERE.

Although they are a shoe club, they do sell other things like bags, sun glasses and just recently jeans. While looking on the website, I came across a bag called "Law". As you can tell it is designer inspired and is a HIGH quality bag!

When I first received the bag I adored the packaging .....I'm a total sucker for all things pink! Lookie at the pink tissue paper...*giggles*

LOL....Isn't it just lovely? I also received a dust bag that I was not expecting. I didn't receive anything with my Iron Fist purchase but CS said that some didn't come with it. *shoulder shrug*...Not real important but I like free stuff.

The black envelope contains more info about the JustFab which is a nice addition to your purchase. It explains how the shoe club works just in case you fail to read the FAQs before purchasing!

Continuing with my purchase....More pretty pink paper!!! *giggles*

And drum roll please.........

This beautiful bag! I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. And if you sign up now you get 50% off your first purchase!....This high quality bag for only $20! That is such a steal! It even includes a shoulder strap. The color I purchased is navy blue but the bag came in camel and grey. JustFab stated that they will restock more and add two more colors (mustard and tan) soon. I can't wait as I will get another!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

postheadericon Torrid Haul

Today started Torrid's up to 50% off clearance sale....Needless to say I picked up a few things!

(Original: $58.00)
Get the pretty polished look down with this chic black shirt dress. Features lace inset and lace hem trim; rhinestone button accent and button-front detail. Side zip entry.

  • Size 1 measures 42" from shoulder

  • 92% nylon, 8% spandex

  • Machine wash cold

  • Imported

  • The size I normally get is a 20 or 22 in Torrid Dresses that have a satiny look to them. The dress was OOS in a 22 but the 20 went OOS before I could check out. Because it has so much spandex in it I decided to go ahead and purchase the 18. If it does not work out then there is always ebay!

    (Original: $39.00)
    Internet exclusive! All a board! Don't let these fabulous black and blue stripe heels pass you by. Features black ribbon with pink polka dots detail with red trimming on platform and colorful anchor print lining.

  • Approx 5" heel with 1" platform

  • Man-made materials

  • Imported

  • I have been eyeing these Iron Fist shoes for a while! I have at least two posts up about wanting them. I went back and fourth about purchasing them because of the heel height. I have a lot of 5 inch heels that hardly get any wear because I just don't stay in my high heels long and lately I really don't go anywhere to wear them. But I just couldn't say no to that price! This is the cheapest I have ever seen an Iron Fist shoe cost so I had to get them!

    (Original: $34.00)

    You'll be loungin' in plush comfort with Hello Kitty in this super adorable must-have sleepwear couch kit. Get one for yourself and one as a gift! Kit comes complete with sleepwear and matching slippers.

  • Robe and Slipper: 100% polyester 

  • Slipper: One size fits most 

  • Sleepwear: Machine wash 

  • Imported

  • I thought this blankie snugie was cute every since I laid eyes on it. I just never wanted to pay full price for it. I didn't even know it came with slippers until!....I'm kicking myself because I should have bought two so that I could give one away as a present. At that price who could resist? If I make another order and it is still available (doubtful due to price) then I will get another.

    So I am pretty happy with what I purchased. I wanted to pay with paypal as I received my check from using ebates but for some reason the Torrid website would not let me. So my subtotal came to $39.97. I used a $10 off coupon code and my divastyle took (5%) $1.50 off. With shipping of $8.00 and no tax (tax free weekend in NC), my total spent came to $36.47.
    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    postheadericon It's A Lady's Choice

    I normally don't do these kinds of post but I've been feeling down lately. Cramping to be exact. Being a woman is no joke when it comes to that time of the month it can be a total downer!

    This leads me to the entire reason for this post....Kotex tampons. Yes, yes the ones in the black box. Seeing those bright little colors make me happy despite the reason for having to use them.

    A few hours ago I was in Walgreens in dire need of more feminine products and saw that they were 2 for $5. A great deal if you buy these things as much as I have to! Unfortunately everyone but me knew they were on sale. That's when I noticed them....

    The designer series tampons.

    They were the last ones in regular and they are black and pink so I know they were meant for me!

    To round out this post I purchased some cute and colorful liners.

    If anyone plans on picking some up make sure the price matches up. I had to let the cashier know so that she could scan her coupon.

    Here's to plenty of pills, and a comfy pillow and blanket!

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