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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

postheadericon Merry Christmas

I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!!!!

Eat lots of food and love life!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

postheadericon Haul yeah!!!!

Tis the season for gift giving. What better way to start it out than with gifts for yourself?!?

I normally do one post per haul and put links to each but this post will be a little different since some things have sold out.

I can tell you that all things were purchased by me and thy were all purchased from the plus line at

All hauls are grouped together. Free shipping on each haul. I like the word "free"!

Now for pics!!

(please let me know if this type of layout is preferred over the previous one.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

postheadericon Influenster Cosmo VoxBox

I received my first vox box a couple of weeks ago. I've been a member of influenster for about two months but until recently I wasn't very active. In case you don't know about influenster, it a website where you can take surveys among other things so that you can receive products from companies to try out. Each box has a certain theme to it.

I will Reviewing each product more in deft buy I want to make sure I can bring a great review to you first! Any questions feel free to post!

Monday, December 3, 2012

postheadericon Take It Off!

A couple of days ago I purchased some makeup wipes by the brand Hard Candy. Many of you may know them for things like lipgloss and bakes eyeshadow/blush. Recently (at least for me) I came across makeup remover wipes. Since I needed some more, why not try them? I'm glad I did! This wipes really work! They don't leave any kind of residue behind and I swear they even moisturize my face. This is coming from seomone with an extremely dry face. My other wipes contain medicine for acne so to use them everyday became a bit too harsh for my skin. These wipes seem to add that much needed moisture back!!

They come in a neat compact black packaging. Great for travel! The only negative thing I can say is there are only 25 wipes in the packaging. They are indeed full size wipes. I can fit my entire hand on a wipe and have room left.

For a pack of 25 wipes, you can expect to spend $5. Not bad and on par (or maybe less) than other drug store brands. I picked these up from my local Walmart.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

postheadericon It's My birthday

Really it is!! I'm another year older and wiser. I shared my makeup look on my other blog at but I just wanted to show some pictures of my day.

I hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

postheadericon JACENDALEEANN.COM | Beauty, Lifestyle, Inspiration: Give Me Victioria's Secret Giveaway

JACENDALEEANN.COM | Beauty, Lifestyle, Inspiration: Give Me Victioria's Secret Giveaway: {I really wanted to do an end of the year / holiday giveaway, so I picked up a few gift sets from Victoria's Secret that I hope you will ...

Monday, November 19, 2012

postheadericon Mini Old Navy Haul

So right now is having a 30% off most things sale. I decided to get just a couple of things since I've been doing a little too much shopping for me and not enough Christmas shopping. I honestly can't help it since my birthday is two days away and the day before thanksgiving!

Anyways...since I am blogging from my tablet and not my computer, the pictures will post at the end.

I purchased this shirt: Women's mixed stripe dolman sleeve top in navy/white. It is on clearance for $7.97 but with 30% off I got it for $5.58.

I also purchased some jeans. They are called: Women's straight leg real deal jeans. These jeans are originally $19 but are selling for $10. I almost purchased more than one pair but I forgot how ON jeans fit so I decided to just get one pair. I figure if the sale is still on when I get my jeans, I can order more or even if it isn't they are still a great price! They come in three different cuts...diva, flirt, sweetheart. The diva jeans are the slimmest fit but tend to be very low rise. I cannot wear flirt jeans because they hit me at the biggest part of my waist making them impossible to zip. I opted for the sweethearts that sit at the waist. I guess due to the special pricing the 30% could not be taken off the jeans.

Before tax my subtotal was $15.86. With tax of $1.52 and shipping of $7.... which deters me from ordering for old navy! total spent was $24.10. Not bad for what can be considered an outfit!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

postheadericon CVS Sales

CVS is having some awesome sales this week. I stopped by to get one item and left with more than I anticipated but still only paid $8.16!

Coca cola products were $0.97 last week but dropped down to $0.88 this week. I try to stay away from sodas but $0.88 for a 2 liter was too sweet to pass up.

Since its Halloween I decided to pick up some treats. They had packs of candy for $1.00. Granted its fun sized but you get like 8 in a pack! I purchased one for myself, my mom, and one for my grandmother. They are diabetics so we try to keep candy on hand just in case.

The last item I purchased was a hair care product. If you have never tried the Aussie hair brand, you just don't know what you're missing! I use to love the commercial, "add some roo to your doo.". Lol. Anyways.. I adore the 3 minute miracle conditioner. It is soooo moisturizing! Now usually I can find this stuff for $4.99. Granted that's still good but why pay more when you can pay less? Lol. CVS had some Aussie products in sale for $2.99. There was also a coupon in store for $1.00 off. This brought the conditioner down to $1.99. Can't beat that for good products. I think I might go back and at least pick up a couple of coupons for later use.

What have you hauled lately?
Thanks for reading!!!!

postheadericon H&M Friends and Family

H&M is doing something a little different this year. They are allowing employees to give their friends and family their discount for the remainder of the year. That means if you know someone who works there then you just may be able to get 25% off all of your purchases through December 31, 2012!!!

I think it's a nice gift to give to your friends/family... Especially with holidays just around the corner!

Basically it looks like a gift card. On the front is the red H&M logo with the word family in the lower right corner. On the back there is a spot for the recipients name and the employees name/info.

I won't show the back but I will take a post a pic of the front of the card. Here's to discounts!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

postheadericon Tokidoki Makeup Brushes/Possible Giveaway

I fell in complete and absolute love with the Tokidoki line. I was absolutely upset when I found out the line was no longer going to be sold at Sephora.

Now the Eyeshadows require some effort because they seem to go on a tad sheer on me. With a good primer/base they are pretty good but not the best. That's why when I saw they offered brushes, I was a bit hesitant.

The brushes originally ranged from about $28 to $42. I've purchased the 24 karat limited edition brush set, the single angled brush and the three pack of brushes that I'm going to briefly discuss.

In this brush set you get a blending/crease brush, eyeshadow brush, and a eyeliner brush. All three brushes have the head of one of the characters on the handle. That makes the brushes a tad heavy but not overwhelming and a bit difficult to store. Other than that I love each and every one of my tokidoki brushes. They are so soft and work amazingly well.

In the three piece set I tend to use the eyeliner brush for my brows the brushes do come with a plastic guard but they are a tad bit difficult to get back on once you take them off. I gave up trying to get it back on the eyeshadow brush.

So these brushes were originally around $34 but I was able to snag them from sephora for $14! What a steal!!!!!

*******Would anyone like a chance to win this brush set? Brand new never used... I was thinking of having a giveaway... Just let me know in the comments if you would be interest.****************

So without further ado here are pictures...
Friday, September 28, 2012

postheadericon MAC Marilyn Monroe Swatches

As promised I ordered two lipsticks from the collection and wanted to show swatches. In addition to swatches I took pictures of the packaging as well. I purchased Scarlet Ibis which is a bright red/orange and pure zen which is a rosy nude.

So without further ado here it is.....
Thursday, September 27, 2012

postheadericon MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

Recently MAC released its Marilyn Monroe collection to MAC Pro members. I was so excited for this line to be released but I am honestly let down. Most of the colors look as it it just won't work with my coloring. I will be so glad when MAC decides o make a collection with dark bold colors. A Halloween collection would be nice. But I digress.

Here is what MAC says about the collection:

The fascination goes far beyond her beauty. With a persona as enigmatic as it is warm, Marilyn Monroe has forever captivated the collective consciousness as a brilliant and charming comedienne (Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) or femme fatale with a secret in her heart (Niagara). She is her own work of art, forever the obsession of artists, photographers and filmmakers.

M A C Marilyn Monroe, a colour collection in shades and formulas distinctively Marilyn: Lipsticks in rapturous reds and gleaming Dazzleglass, a dramatic 35 Lash,False Lashes in Extreme Black and Large Eye Shadows in shimmering metallics and diamond tones. Along with Nail Lacquers destined to be a girl’s best friend and Beauty Powder to evoke that flawless MM skin.

The packaging features images from The Black Sitting,the famous series taken by photographer Milton Greene. These black and white photographs reveal Marilyn with an intimacy seldom seen.

Now I can honestly say I like the packaging. MAC kept it simple, classy and timeless! What I do not like in addition to the colors offered is that the collection contains so many permanent/repromotes. Now I for one like repromotes sometimes because it allows people to either restock up on an item or purchased a missed out on item. What I don't like is that almost the entire collection is permanent. I was thinking new colors or more Marilyn inspired names or something.

Needless to say I almost purchased nothing....and the only reason I did was 50% packaging and 50% because I like the colors of the lipsticks. I purchased Pure Zen and Scarlet Ibis lipsticks. A nude and a red/orange color. I will be sure to put swatches up just as soon as I receive my order this Friday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

postheadericon ELF Cosmetics HD Blushes

Recently I purchased HD blushes from e.l.f. cosmetics. I ended up purchasing 4 of the 5 blushes available. I am loving these blushes. To check out a review and swatches then head over to my other blog Makeup By TNicole
Sunday, September 9, 2012

postheadericon Cosmetics 101

Have you ever purchased cosmetics that didn't live up to its claim? I know I sure have. Too many duds to name. About two years ago I got the notion to start my own cosmetics company. I wanted to specialize in eyeshades that were so pigmented that it could be seen on the darkest of dark shades of people. I went as far as to get a business tax ID and looked at companies that could help me develop the line but I quickly got discouraged at how much money it would take.

I am going to start the process again! I am more excited this time around than I was last time. I plan to do ALOT more researching and developing. I'm going to have to write a list of all the things I will need to do along with the estimated capital needed to start.

If you or anyone you know has ever started a business then any advice would be great! Stay tuned for more to come... I just might have a contest for a brand logo where the winner would get to try some products out!

Can you tell I'm excited just thinking about it!!!!
Friday, September 7, 2012

postheadericon Outfit of The Night

I just wanted to share a quick outfit I wore for girls night. We just went downtown to a local bar for drinks and a little dancing.

I wore a white blazer with black lapels. This was feature in one of my haul post. It is from forever 21 and I purchased it for $20. I bought it some time ago so I don't think it is available. Hopefully they come out with more colors!!!

Underneath that is a tank I purchased from wet seal before they discontinued their plus line which was a total shame! I love the sparkle in the top!!!

For pants I kept it simple and stuck to black skinnies. I am also wearing black sequin flats from target. I wanted to wear heels but since we were going to do some walking around town I decided against it.

Anyways... I hope you enjoyed. Please do comment and don't forget to subscribe! 😊
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

postheadericon Question For You

I mainly post the things i care about which happen to be mainly haul post. Since i have 47 readers, I not only wanted to take the time to say thank you but to also ask what would you like to see more of? Or what would you like to see?

I also just started another blog that will be about my love for makeup. I am a freelance makeup artist and wanted to showcase some looks as well as give some pointers when possible. I'm still learning so I appreciate zll feedback as well. The link if anyone wants to visit is Makeup By TNicole. Right now there's just a little bit of my makeup story on there but I plan to upload some looks sometime this week.

At the current moment what i want to do with this blog is to continue with hauls but to also upload pics of how I style things. Because I don't get much feedback I rarely upload the looks when I wear an item. If that's something you would like to see then please leave a comment. Also if there is something new you would like to see then leave a comment as well.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

postheadericon Forever 21 + Haul

Its about hauling time that I did another blog post! And as to not disappoint this will be a haul post. Yay!!!!!

As you can tell by the title I picked up a few things from Forever 21. I wanted so much more but I showed such constraint...well my wish list grew a little but my wallet didn't scream at me! Here's what  purchased:


Forever 21+ - A colorblocked dress featuring a scarf and zebra print. Round neckline and back with a strap. 3/4 sleeves. Knit. Partially lined. Medium weight.


  • 38.5" approx length from high point shoulder to hem, 40" chest, 35" waist, 18.5" sleeve length from shoulder ridge, 14.5" shoulder width
  • Measured from 1X
  • Shell: 94% polyester, 6% spandex; Lining: 100% polyester
  • Hand wash, dry flat
  • USA with imported materials
I fell in LOVE with this dress! It was basically my whole reason for placing an order! I am a HUGE fan of cute dresses with 3/4 sleeves. There are jut not enough of them! I have to get my accessory game up to set this dress off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Forever 21+ - A polka dot top featuring puffed short sleeves. Ruched v-neckline. Knit. Lightweight.


  • 27.5" approx length from high point shoulder to hem, 39" chest, 39" waist, 10.5" sleeve length from shoulder ridge, 14.25" shoulder width
  • Measured from 1X
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • Machine wash, dry flat
  • Imported
I love this shirt so much I got both colors! The cream/black and the mint/black. I plan on getting a body con black skirt to wear with the mint!!!!

Final Sale
Necklace features teddy bear pendant with lacquered finish and faux diamonds embellishment. High polish finish cable chain.

-Lobster claw clasp
- 27" approx. chain length; 2" X 1.25"
- Imported
ProductCode : 1000019175

I thought the necklace was too cute and since I needed $4.80 to get free shipping, I scooped it up. I thought about wearing it with the dress but I don't think it screams sexy I got 10% off of all the plus size items. With the necklace my subtotal was $50.98. With free shipping and tax of $3.45, my total spent was $54.43. Pretty good.
Until next time! =]
Saturday, May 5, 2012

postheadericon Forever 21+ Haul Part 2

I accidently on purpose (yes I meant to say just that) went and checked the Forever 21 website. Oh boy was I in trouble! Needless to say I picked up a few items....

Lace Sweetheart Combo Romper
Forever 21+ - A strapless combo romper featuring a lace overlay bodice with an elasticized sweetheart neckline. Pleating from the waistband. Self-tie sash at the waist. Zipper and hook-eye closure at the side seam. Woven. Unlined. Light to medium weight.

- 27" approx length from bust to hem, 17" waist to hem, 4.5" inseam, 31.5" leg opening, 37.5" waist, 40" chest
- Measured from 1X
- Shell 1: 55% nylon, 45% cotton; Shell 2: 100% rayon
- Hand wash, dry flat
- Imported
I have to admit, the romper was the entire reason I even placed my order. I've seen rompers but the ones of late just aren't appealing to me.This one with the combination of lace and black was all it took. 
Superman™ Tank
Forever 21+ - A knit tank featuring a Superman™ graphic. Round neckline. Lightweight.

- Officially licensed product
- 26" length from high point shoulder to hem, 47" chest, 49" waist, 13.5" shoulder width
Measured from 1X
- 100% cotton
- Machine wash, tumble dry
- Imported
I just couldn't leave the superman tank behind. I just feel like I can do so much with it!

Seamless Knit Boyshort
Forever 21 + - A pair of seamless boyshort undies. Knit.

- 90% nylon, 10% spandex
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
- Imported
I never know how difficult it is to find nude boyshorts in my size until I needed them. I added the black pair on because...well you can never have too many black pairs of boyshorts!

Embellished Key Necklace
Final Sale
This double ball chain necklace features a key pendant with rhinestone and pearlescent embellishments. Lobster claw clasp. Antique finish. Lightweight.

- 25" approx. chain length;0.8" approx. width x 2.3" approx. length
- Imported
I am a total sucker for anything with a key on it. I hit the add to cart but so quick I added it twice and had to edit it. LOL.

I also puchased two bottles of nail polish that were $2.80 each. They both have stars inside of the polish except one is pink and the other blue. I was able to get 10% off of the plus size items bringing my subtotal to $56.58. With free shipping and tax of $3.82, I spent $60.40. Not too shabby. =]
Friday, May 4, 2012

postheadericon Forever 21+ Haul

It's been too long since I've been able to post a haul like I want to! I've purchased a few things between post but this is going to be the most recent one!

The fist item is this awesome hi-low shirt! I never find many of them in plus size so when I do I tend to scoop them up! I liked that this shirt combines that factor and a graphic. Just all around awesomeness!

City Canal High-Low Top

Forever 21+ - A mélange knit top featuring a city canal graphic and a slight high-low hemline. Round neckline. Banded short sleeves. Semi-sheer. Unlined. Light to medium weight.

- 27-33.5" approx length from high point shoulder to hem, 45" chest, 47" waist, 8.5" sleeve length from high point shoulder
- Measured from 1X
- 100% rayon
- Hand wash, line dry
- Imported

I got really excited to see the swim line!....I hope they get the high waisted plus size suits that other sites have. I would try to purchase every color! I just hope I can actually wear the one I purchased though!

Ruched Halter Swimsuit

Forever 21+ - A one-piece halter swimsuit featuring ruched seams in the front and a looped self-tie at the neck. Oval ring and cutout detail at the center. Elasticized under the bust. Lightly padded cups. Boning at sides. Elasticized trimmings. Power mesh lining to help smooth out lines and give you an eye catching silhouette. Knit.

- Shell: 82% polyester, 18% spandex; Lining 1: 93% polyester, 7% spandex; Lining 2: 82% nylon, 18% spandex:
- Hand wash, dry flat
- Imported

Destroyed Denim Bermudas
Forever 21+ - A pair of destroyed denim bermudas featuring cuffed legs and sanding at the thighs. Whiskering and perma-crease accents at the hips. Contrast stitching. Zip fly, button waist. Five-pocket construction with buttoned flap pockets in the back. Partially lined. Light to medium weight.

- 20.5" waist side seam to hem, 10.5" inseam, 19" leg opening, 10" rise, 38" waist
- Measured from Size 14
- 99% cotton, 1% spandex
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
- Imported
I am a sucker for anything care bear and/or mickey mouse! I've been eyeing this shirt for a while and finally decided to take the plunge. I love that it is so bright!....Well at least on my PC screen. Hopefully it is in person. I think it will be a little on the short waisted side so I plan to wear a cami underneath. I haven't decided on the pants yet.
Peeking Mickey Mouse Tee
Forever 21+ - A knit tee featuring a peeking Mickey Mouse graphic across the front. Round neck. Short sleeves. Lightweight.

- Officially licensed product
- 24" approx length from high point shoulder to hem, 44" chest, 44" waist, 6" sleeve length from shoulder ridge, 22.5" shoulder width
- Measured from 1X
- 100% polyester
- Machine wash, tumble dry
- Imported
In addition to the above I also purchased a black v-neck long line cami for $5.80 and a fuchsia scoop neck cami for $3.80. I had a coupon code for 10% off which brought my subtotal to $81.72. With free shipping and tax of $5.52, I spent $87.24. Not too bad considering I purchased a swim suit too!

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