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Sunday, September 1, 2013

postheadericon Wet Seal Haul

I am elated that Wet Seal has finally decided to put their plus size in stores! I'm even more excited that my local store got it! That's a rarity in my state. I did have the pleasure of going into my local store but I was disappointed at the selection. There was such a small plus section compared to the rest of the store. I'm assuming they just want to see how well it sells before they go all out. Hopefully!

With that said, I did make some purchased online because they has a bigger variety.

Three orders in a matter of days! Lol... I might have a problem. With deals so great I just couldn't say no!!!

I'm going to go back into my local Wet Seal to see what's new. Did your Wet Seal get the plus line?


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