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Friday, November 12, 2010

postheadericon Torrid Haul(tiny)

I was going to save my Torrid Haul (all of two items) and combine it with my Wet Seal Haul (3 items) but I just couldn't wait! am trying to come up with the perfect T-Day (birthday) outfit which gives me a reason to shop. That and the fact that I have been sick!...But Im doing much better....Maybe it's because I'm getting Anyways here are the two things I bought from Torrid.....

Silver Layered Chain Skeleton Key Necklace

I can't quite remember how much the necklace would cost normally but I got it during 50% off clearance. This is really the only time I shop at Torrid. The quality is just not up to par for the price. I'd rather give my money to Lane Bryant...At least I know the quality is there. Anyways I eneded up getting the necklace for $3.05. =] It felt a little heavy when taking it out of the package but quickly dissappears upon wearing. According to the website the shortest chain (with keys) is 18" and the longest key is 2.5" long. It is a really nice necklace and will be a great addition to my jewelry collection.

Black Studded Convertible Bucket Bag

With my discount I paid $5.01 for this bag! Great deal. It is studded on the front like the picture shows. The rest is a leatherette type of material. The inside is black. It has the basic pockets. A zip pocket inside and two slot pockets for a cell phone or keys. On the back of the purse it has a zippered pocket where you can keep items as well. To convert the purse into a backpack you would simply take the strap and fasten it to the bottom of the bag. The is a snap part that you would unsnap and hook around the strap. This sounds much more complicated than it really is. Unfortunately the bag was sold out when I tried to find the picture to show what I mean. Great bag for the price! =]

Updated on 12/04/10: Picture of the back of purse
The strap that unsnaps so that you can hook the strap in and wear it as a backpack.

I am happy with my purchase. I am upset that shipping is $8 considering I only ordered two things for so cheap. My items came to less than $10 before the shipping charges....grrrrrrr! On the up side I ordered the items on monday and received them friday. Torrid has always had fast shipping. Forever 21 needs to take a page out of their book!

update 12/04/10
I forgot to mention that Torrid shipped me the purse with the sensor tag on it. I did not notice until I went into a store and made the sensor go off. Talk about embarrassing! I was nowhere near a Torrid store so I had my friend damn near saw the sensor off. Luckily it came off.


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